Magic Mountain Creek out in paperback

Magic Mountain Creek is now out in paperback available from Amazon as a print on demand, at £5.99 UK price (about $7 US). Follow this link

The blurb….

1934, Depression-era Kentucky, Jo is a packhorse librarian, delivering books to poverty-stricken people out in the mountains and valleys on her horse Ulysees. At the end of one valley, in a cabin beside Magic Mountain Creek, lives Alfred McAdam, a goat farmer supplying skins to the glove trade and his dog Carson. Originally from Belfast he moved there with his Catholic wife to get away from the troubles when partition began. Following tragedy in the Spanish Flu pandemic Alfred lives alone, and Jo becomes fascinated by the books he chooses. Before Jo turns up Alfred gets to know Serah who is on the run from a brothel in fear of being lynched; then his brother turns up with reminders of home and his own troubles following service as a Black n’ Tan.