It’s an odd thing writing a blog, perhaps it’s an odd thing writing anything, opening yourself up, hoping people find something in what you write.

Like almost all things blogs often seems to promote something and I can see the way they can be used to market your work or product. There appear to be all sorts of ways of reaching thousands of readers with your product, writing things which attract people to your work; there are loads of ‘how to’ pages to get more people.

Yes I do want more people reading, but at any cost? I’ve read about making lists because they are popular and yes I sometimes read those and think well I don’t agree or do agree. Are those what people do when they can’t think what to write? So if you are a regular reader (have I any yet?) you’ll know when I am short of ideas or time! And yet each year I make a ‘mix-tape’ for my friends of what I’ve listened to during the year and send it with a Christmas card, and hopefully some enjoy it and find new music to listen to, buy, experience, they would otherwise not thought of. If you like the idea there is a You Tube list of 2012’s music on my website  https://sites.google.com/site/timdiggles/you-tube-links-wtblt-2012

For 2013 I have given myself this task of writing something for this blog each day and include a photograph I have taken that day. Not easy. I do not presently work, I have become ridiculously poor, so my travel and experiences are much more limited than before. So I am left to write about the minutiae of every day, and limited to photographing the local environment. But after one month I have enjoyed the challenge and have probably investigated the area for visual images much more than I had ever imagined.

It has slowed my other writing, but that had got a bit stalled anyway and there have been some ideas which I can see developed in my stories. So now for my list of favourite films… that will be for another day when I am stuck!

Today’s photograph was taken at 10am, sunny, strong icy wind, looking through a fence from the local park into the school grounds and a garden made for the kids that has gone into dereliction.



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