Choosing my mind wanderings…

ImageOn such as chilly day I decided to use a photograph taken two years ago in France on a roasting hot day in my friends garden, lunchtime with home grown tomatoes, fresh bread, olives, cheese, rillette and wonderful Pelforth Brune beer, hoping soon warmer weather will arrive!

So why is it so pleasing to have a piece published by someone else?

In the latest issue of The Centrifugal Eye is one of my poems, Macbeth at the Writers Group, was chosen for publication, and that has made me very happy! It is hopefully quite amusing, certainly when I have read it that is the reaction I have got. It was primarily written for performing, there are great opportunities for using a number of voices, some double entendre and points that attendees at a writing group would appreciate. I enjoy performing and have no qualms about reading to any size of audience, if I had any ability to memorise lines then I could have been an actor (hmmhmm) or not.

I was very pleased a couple of years ago to have another piece in The Centrifugal Eye, A Tale of the Children I Never Had. Again a piece that I initially wrote for performing. One day soon I will record these and put mp3s on my site.

I wanted to be published by The Centrifugal Eye as I could see it had a high standard of writing, it was obviously somewhere that people serious about their output were happy to be published, and it was looking for something a little out of the ordinary, which I hope these two works could be seen as.

A couple of weeks ago I put an interview with the editor Eve Hanninen as a blog. I was interested in the process she worked through and in her background as a poet and illustrator. Perhaps I was still amazed she had chosen my work. That choosing creates a warm glow to me as the writer, a feeling that I am not just writing for self-gratification, someone has seen worth in my mind wanderings, especially when they have a very personal meaning as with Tale, which was initially written when I was going through some therapy at Mind in 1998 and finding it hard to explain to the therapist who had 5 children why I had no wish to be a father! The final version is massively different, partly because I lost the original when I lost a usb stick with all my writing on and no back up or print outs!

Being published gives all writers a boost, as does being chosen to exhibit for an artist. We may try and show a ‘cool’ outward reaction as if it is an everyday event, but inside we are delighted, and who hasn’t turned to the pages and read your own work? It is a natural reaction, we all look for praise, in the same way we do as small children. Now all I need is someone to take up one of my novels, perhaps I should start trying.



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