Words placed in an interesting order


Today’s photograph is another old one as I had few insights of wonder walking down to the doctors and back. It is taken on the beach at Borth, just north of Aberystwyth in Wales, in September 1979, I was living about 30 miles inland in the hills. This is a scan of a print from an Ektachrome slide, taken using my Olympus OM-1n with a 28mm lens. It is of fishermen pulling in their catch. The scan is ok but the compression has lessened the brightness of the jackets which on the original slide stand out.

It was interesting to see how the different filters in the very simple programme I used for the transfer changed the picture (Photoscape, it’s free and very easy and quite effective to use http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php). What I have is as close to the original print as I could get. Some of the others changed the whole feeling of the picture.

Below is a version using just two of the filters, backlight and deepen.


Finding these few old prints has been very interesting, like finding old writing or as I referred to in a previous blog a very old sketch book. The distance in years makes one realise that all those times of angst that what you were doing was not interesting were pointless, there was more to it than you thought. It is useful to think this when working on present pieces, perhaps in 30 years (I could be well gone by then) someone will open a file of  Traitor to the Cause and realise it is the finest novel written in the early 21st Century (or maybe not…).

Having not been to Renegades Writers for some weeks through getting over the operation I really miss the feedback. I am back writing, maybe not quite at the normal pace, but I’ve got another 6,000+ words done over the past few days – good words, words placed in an interesting order, words that make any sense, words that may annoy people, words that tell a story – I don’t know. They make sense to me, but I am now needing that valuable feedback the group offers. A few weeks yet I feel, but the time is getting closer!


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