Not much to say today…


Not much to say today.

I’ve written that before in this blog, or nothing to say, and put up a photograph taken on the day or as in the last few days, some old ones. Living on my own there is loads to say and for 99.9% of the time no one to say it to, hence the sub-line of this Blog – it’s better than talking to the dog.

I had not noticed the power of that phrase, ‘not much to say today’ until I read it in a blog that I follow.

What does it mean?

Do our perceptions take a break?

Do our thoughts think just about whether to buy green or orange washing up liquid?

Our minds continue a dialogue within ourselves even when we are asleep. Do those people who go in for intense meditation really reach a state of emptying their mind of that voice, or is a voice just telling them all the other voices have left the building!

For those of us who are writing stories those voices are invaluable, various parts of our mind are telling us things from memory, from experiences, from our senses and on good days these gather together, mesh together and we can create our couple of thousand words for the day!


So meandering on with not much to say brought some thoughts along about Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. Reading it was one of the great experiences of art in my life, a second reading confirmed that. However I was thinking about how it could be written today. It was a motif for the sickness of Europe before the First World War, the characters were living apart from the world on a Swiss Alp, their lives internalised and community self centered. Now, the multitude of characters would have access to phones, internet and a myriad of personal devices, their lives would not be dominated by the petty squabbles and long conversations over second breakfast, but by external forces, quite the opposite of the original. So if trying to get the same feel as the original today one would have to begin – “We have no signal!”.

They would then have plenty to say to each other.


Today’s photographs are taken at the back of the flat. Spring is now coming, these were taken at midday, a mild, breezy and interchangeably sunny day.


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