Today’s photograph is of dandelions on a patch of ‘garden’ at the end of Bond Street in Tunstall, taken at 11.30am on a bright, mild spring-like day. I took about four photographs, increasing the contrast for this and using the rudimentary flash. This lessened the quality of the image, but highlighted the shapes, abstracting forms. The only editing I did was to make the image smaller for placing onto here.

Dandelions have a strange part to play in our culture. They are an annoying weed and yet they are a most beautiful yellow and green with far more interesting leaves than most flowers. They can live almost anywhere, my blog the other day had one growing in the wall, and they can be used for food and drinks. They are everywhere careful gardeners don’t want them.

I remember coming home from work and my then father-in-law had spent all day going round my lawn digging out dandelions, the lawn looked like someone had sprayed a machine gun over it, he then bought me a book on how to have the perfect lawn, I never read it. He always inspected the garden whenever he came muttering about how I didn’t look after it. Yet I thought it looked interesting. Different tastes.


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