A few days ago I put some writing on Wattpad and I’ve had a few people read it, but no feedback yet. Perhaps they were too shocked!

One of the things I liked (though haven’t yet used) on Wattpad is a space to put a cast list, I take it this is to imagine what actors you want when they pay you millions to make the film of your book. I know I think of people and actors when writing, I’m sure it is the same for most writers. I remember doing a review of Jamaica Inn for BBC Radio Stoke quite a few years ago. It was great fun to read the book again and hard to get the film version with Charles Laughton out of my mind when reading it, but I got the idea in my head of soap actors in the parts, a friend was living at my house obsessed with all these and the cast of Coronation Street kept appearing on the Cornish moors and coves. When I read John le Carre I always have Alec Guinness in my head telling me the words and I have been reading Rosie Garland’s Palace of Curiosities and there she is in my head reading it to me!

Today’s photographs are of the disused health centre in Tunstall, a huge space. Tunstall hadn’t got healthier, they just moved to a place easy to get to in a car, less so for pedestrians. These were taken at 9.40am on a sunny spring day nice and warm in the sun.


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