A tool I have recently found useful in writing is Pinterest. I had seen the P sign on many sites and a few weeks ago started to use it, now I have it on as I write and scan the board for connections and ideas.

It is what it says, an online pin board. As I have been writing Traitor I have been finding photographs and so on and including them in the file as reference. I do not really have room for a big pinboard in my writing room as using Pinterest has let me see images from across the now 30 sections/chapters that I have written, and looking at the images has helped with the writing. The ‘board’ for Traitor is at if you are interested.

Pinterest is an annoying programme as it does not always show ‘boards’ when I switch on, perhaps it doesn’t like Chrome. I do find using visuals useful in my writing, I have not yet found an image for Vincent whose ‘autobiography’ the novel is supposed to be, but the quite well known photograph of the man on the bus is perfect for the shady Mr Strachey as are the 1960 ‘beauties’ for his mother.

The programme is also good for those times when writing has dried up a bit and finding images whether for the book or the other ‘boards’ acts as a stimulus.

Today’s photograph is where art/life/writing join up. A section I started last November involved Vincent giving a lift to Christine Keeler in 1968, taking her to France. Then a couple of weeks ago there was a programme on BBC2 about Murdoch and of course a lengthy part on the Keeler autobiography in The News of the World in ’68, which I allude to, the this pile of newspapers with the reworked photo of ‘that’ iconic picture of Keeler!



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