Househunting for Vincent

Last Sunday I was in Brighton staying at my friend Jackie’s house. On Sunday we went for a walk with Fred a friend of hers’ dog. He was well behaved and not a maniac like Oskar! People wanted to know him.


We walked for a few miles along the seafront, it was lovely, chilly wind coming up the Channel from the west then the sun came through and was warm. Perfect in many ways.


I love Brighton and often wonder why I don’t live there, then I look at the costs of rent and realise I would probably just live in one room, also the local beer is flat and about the same cost as a week’s rent!


As we walked I took photos looking for the abstract, but we also talked about my character Vincent who writes Traitor to the Cause from his apartment on Brighton seafront. It was really useful for me as I could place him in cafes, going to a pub, shopping and Jackie knew the perfect building for him to live in. Embassy Court.



We weaved stories about who he would meet, Paul McCartney has property there and many writers and actors have or do live along there. Whole new strands are floating around my mind, with a greater understanding of where they are actually happening, so much better than searching around Google Earth!


Jackie lent me a book Breakfast in Brighton by Nigel Richardson, I’ve only just started it but it seems a really good background to life in Brighton. I don’t often read travel books, the last ones I read were Italian Journey by Goethe and The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Basho, rather different and both quite wonderful!

200+ miles home later that day and I realised I had got some sunburn on my nose (very attractive) and Oskar was extremely pleased to see me back home. He’d have loved the beach but would have misbehaved disgracefully.

Today’s photographs are from that walk, a windy and sunny day, and the apartment Vincent ‘lives’ in.


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