Still life on desk


Today’s photograph must be one of the laziest ever, I didn’t even stand up, I just saw a jumble of objects and things between my screen and computer and photographed them. Which actually made me wonder what the combinations of things reveal…

100 slides are ready to be sent off for conversion to tifs some going back to 1971; I have been measuring frames to show some photographs and sizing up new throws for the living room; What is my good pen and spare glasses doing there?; I was just using the card reader to transfer some images, cost £1 from Poundland and reminds me to go and get another before they sell out; I have been stapling a couple of sheets from Traitor to the Cause to maybe read at Renegades tonight; I’m listening to Stealing Sheep. So amongst the mayhem are some small stories which add up to what has and will be going on today…


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