As much sense as a radish


The photograph shows Oskar trying to get at a very nice black and white cat who sits on the wall watching Oskar going bonkers at him. It’s been going on a few days, the top of the wall is beyond Oskars’ jumping ability, but he still tries again and again.

About 2 minutes later I heard Oskar yelping like mad in pain. Neighbours were coming out looking concerned. Oskar had his leg caught in the cleft of branches in the tree and couldn’t move it, I had to lift him up to about head height to get him out. The cat continued to look down at us, Oskar shook his leg a couple of times and resumed barking at the cat and trying to get at it via the tree. I thought he had about as much sense on a hot day as a radish.

I had a cat like that once, Biddy. She was tiny and black and was found in a bag in one of the arcades in Cardiff. Tiny didn’t mean a thing to her. The three-story house I lived in was on one of the squares in Riverside, as I walked across I would see her on the apex of the roof, but by the time I opened the front door she was there asking for food. When I took her home during the holiday she found where there was a high walled garden and about the biggest Alsatian dog lived there, she drove it mad the whole summer, she just sat and watched it from morning until night. When I moved to Mid Wales I lived in the middle of nowhere on a river, she began to disappear in about mid to late May, coming back maybe once or twice a week then off living off the wildlife. She had a penchant for bringing rabbits back about twice the size of her usually without at least one limb or its head. The farmer next to me used to give her cream and home cured bacon because of her hunting abilities, she never brought those back!

Oskar is named after Oskar Mazareth the ‘hero’ of Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum. When I got him about a year ago (he was 6 months old), he was called Marley, but I couldn’t have a dog named after a third rate film with Jennifer Aniston in, even I have standards even if Oskar doesn’t.


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