Whispering grass


Yesterday evening I took Oskar for a walk through the local park. I always like it when they leave the grass to grow long, the varieties are amazing and the flat evening light (it was about 10pm) somehow lifted the colours.


Grass like the sky are hardly noticed, it is a part of where we are. In the UK we are lucky that throughout the year because of the mild wet climate they retain their wide range of greens rather than burn or fade away. That is just the base colour, the underpainting. Sitting on top of that is an amazing sheen of purples, creams, browns and whites of the seeds which flow in the breeze.


These seeds have been vital to our development, from the propagation of grasses by early humans have come rice, wheat and all the cereals we depend on. There is so many different shapes, colours and types in just a few square feet and that is what I tried to capture in these photographs taken on a cooler breezy evening at around 10pm in the park in Tunstall.


I made a short film featuring this a couple of years ago called 24seconds https://vimeo.com/16571164, the title alluding to the standard time setting on the phone for shooting video clips.


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