Yesterday evening I went for a walk with Oskar at about 10.45pm, I looked at the temperature and it was still nearly 25C (77F). Next week it will probably be going above 35C. This has been going on for a few weeks and looks like continuing, lovely, but not really British.

It reminds me of 1976. During my degree show in Cardiff the heat began and got hotter and hotter until a dramatic brak in the weather at the end of August. I moved to an upstairs flat in Riverside, Cardiff overlooking The Taff and Cardiff Arms Park, as the summer went on the river totally dried up even though at that time it was tidal. It had been a dry winter and spring and within a few weeks there was a drought, we only got water for a couple of hours a day! South Wales and the South West were probably hit the hardest, I remember going to my parents who had moved to an old mill house in mid Wales and there were no problems with water at all.

I found the transition from 6 years at art college to ‘reality’ quite hard, but being in Cardiff was the best place as there was a busy art life which I began to become a part of. It was this time I read Mann’s The Magic Mountain which cooled my brain in the scorching heat taking me to the high Alps!

These hot summers are memorable, once in a generation. Our houses are not really built for heat, more to keep us warm. I am finding it hard to take photographs, rather like the period earlier this year when we had weeks of snow. The light is so strong and it is boring!

Yesterday I updated my printable booklet of poetry Gathering Grief, adding a piece that was published earlier this year in The Centrifugal Eye and adding some pictures that I had had in mind, so please either follow the link at the top or through here (Poetry) , I’d love to hear what some of you think!


I have featured one of my father’s watercolours (above) which he did every holiday, this of Telegraph Hill, Llysfaen in North Wales, painted in 1961.

Being lazy ,today’s photograph is of the strawberry plant in my rubble patch which I featured before and attached itself to the wall. It is now ‘burning’ off in the hot sun, the colours are quite wonderful. This was taken at 10.55am very hot and pure blue sky, the temperature already 27C in the shade and a very hot dog is trying to find somewhere cooler!


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