My attempt to take a photograph and ‘publish’ it every day this year has rather petered out. It began to ‘fail’ when I had to go into hospital for an operation, though there was absolutely no reason to stop, then I think it has mainly been the blandness of hot sunny weather.

That is my excuse anyway which is better than the one I used for not attending Renegade Writers, that I had been abducted by aliens, however true that had been.

The positive side is that the failed attempt has renewed my interest in using photography alongside writing as a means for expression. I have begun to look again at the poetic potential of imagery, not just internalising it but creating something, and images from usually a very close environment as I don’t own a car now. The ease of ‘developing’ photographs on screen, rather than the need for a darkroom has helped with this, as equally the ease of editing and rewriting, has also helped. Very oddly this has also led to my working on some drawings, though I am far from ready to show anything even here on my blog. I probably need a life drawing class to work on my skills, there is no better discipline.

One of the blogs I follow is by a photographer/artist who I think is based in Australia, she set up a monthly photography challenge, perhaps for herself but also for others to enter, I am thinking I may do something similar, giving myself a challenge each month rather than try to do the daily thing. What will happen of course is that the vision and ideas will come each day as soon as I do that!

From another blog I follow which is an ongoing daily story, I am going to use another idea. Every now and again the character draws a magic card (those are my favourite episodes), with a word on it, quite often a rather bland abstract word. The last three were Engage, Faster, Awake. So I may choose my ‘challenge’ in that way, fitting with my writing. Where I will get the words I am not sure yet, perhaps from a book or poem.


Today’s photograph is taken on a wet windy day like a day from last summer, with a colour and b/w version.


2 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the mention, I’m afraid to say that after 4 or 5 months of my monthly challenge, I faltered! I have been thinking about starting it again – does that count?

    And yes, I’m based in Australia.

    I like the black and white version above because it’s almost like they aren’t leaves anymore… they’ve become pattern.


    1. Good morning Australia! It’s hard to keep things like this up on your own isn’t it. I expect to totally fail, or as I like the way you said ‘falter’. That is how life works really.
      Nice point about the B/W version.
      I suppose I better start thinking when to start the ‘Challenge’!


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