Here’s lookin’…

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A couple of weeks ago I send some slides away to be copied to digital format and they came back today. The photograph above is one of them, taken on a rainy San Francisco day in early January 1979. It was taken on Ektachrome 400 using an Olympus OM1 with the standard 50mm lens. The transfer has highlighted the blue tinge of the film. For me even then, I was 24, it had a nostalgic feel of the old films I loved set in the city, I can imagine Bogart coming out and driving off!

So using my Lightroom software I converted it to Black and White, something that wouldn’t have been easy in 1979 to compare the feel of the images.

Scanned at

Going through this process, the choosing of images from the thousands of slides I have (though many also seem lost!), makes me look at how my ‘eye’ has changed. I certainly didn’t look so much for the detail as I do now and was probably more careful in what I took, buying and processing film was expensive so there is little experimentation in what I did!

I will put more of my old photos on my blog over the next few weeks.


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