Backwards in time again. Photographs as a time machine.

Today’s photographs are two contrasting ones.


The first is of grain elevators in I think High River, Alberta, 1972. I was eighteen and crossed Canada visiting relatives. It was hot, I’d never known such heat, but Alberta is so high even though it is flat, that on the prairies the air was clear, hardly any humidity, it was quite lovely. This sort of heat in Britain is hard to take. I was fascinated by the grain elevators, built next to the railways at every small town/community they could often be seen for miles, the bright colours standing out in the amazing flatness. Later in Lincolnshire the churches of the villages could be seen for miles across the fens. I much preferred the prairies to the vast forests dotted with lakes of Ontario where no horizon could be seen. This photograph was taken using my Zenith E, standard 58mm lens, on Ektachrome 200. There was a bit of minor damage on the image in the sky which I had to deal with in Photoshop, otherwise it is as shot.

Scanned at

This next one comes from 1979, early January. I was travelling around the USA by train, journeys often took 2 to 3 days. When I began my journey back eastwards the cold weather had turned to extreme cold. This was taken as the train (over 20 hours late due to the weather) from Seattle to Chicago was travelling through I think North Dakota. These huge concrete grain elevators make the massive tankers look like toys. This was taken from a slow moving train on my Olympus OM1n with 50mm lens on Ektachrome 200. This picture has been worked on using Lightroom and Photoshop. The original is at an angle and I wanted a very flat background of the concrete, so used the lens adjustment settings in Lightroom, then in Photoshop adjusted the angles further. I hardly changed the colouration as from this distance in time the flatness that the cold grey snow created is as I remember.


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