Two statues

Scanned at

The first of  today’s photographs is from the same trip to Paris in 1982 that my blog of couple a days ago dealt with. I visited Versailles, as it was still very early April and the statues outside were wrapped up in black plastic, which made them not only look like mini Christo’s but far more interesting than what was underneath. There are more somewhere, some of the most interesting where the win has blown the black plastic aside and an arm or head is poking out, one day I will find them. I have to say I found Versailles one of the least interesting historical places I have been. It was vast wealth blatantly on show, I can imagine many of the Gulf States cities are like this.


The second is from yesterday and my visit to Llysfaen in North Wales where I spent many holidays in the 1960’s. I had hardly noticed the graveyard before and whilst walking past noticed a small white statue attached to a gravestone, looking quite unreal. The light was just finding it in the gloom under the thick canopy of trees, and I enhanced the effect with some fill in flash. It was a breezy, warm day clouds building and breaking up.


2 thoughts on “Two statues

    1. I think it is something to do with the compression of the image, I also worked on it a little bit in Photoshop to raise its brightness level, if it is noticeable then maybe doesn’t work as it should! Dr Who is the other end of Wales!


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