The best view in Wales…

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of my favourite places, Llysfaen nr. Colwyn Bay in North Wales. It was where we had a caravan from when I was about 4 years old (where I lost the top of my finger!) and spent many holidays. Telegraph Hill, or as it should be called Mynydd Marian, was central to my experience there, and a poem about it is in my publication Gathering Grief, which you can see and download free in ISSUU by clicking on the link to the right.


It was a fantastic day to visit and I took many photographs including these panoramic photos. They look best if you click on them and see them larger. As I was looking south (above) towards Snowdonia a woman came and we chatted and she said “It’s the best view in Wales” and with all it’s personal connotations I can’t help but agree with her.

The caravan site was behind The Semaphore Inn, the white building in the photo below, looking north over Bae Colwyn and The Irish Sea.



It was called Telegraph Hill because of the ship signal station at the top of the hill for ships entering The Mersey, which is in the distance beyond the outcrop which is Rhyl.

It is probably my favourite place.


2 thoughts on “The best view in Wales…

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    This is my favorite scenic drive in wa & the road winds through sections of tall
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    sunlight, entering through the car windows.


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