Cat and apples

I read in an article that people look at pictures of cats on the internet more than any others. So here are two.


He is Salty and is Christine’s sisters cat who was staying at Christine and George’s when I was there a couple of weeks ago. He’s getting on and just sat in the sun enjoying the warmth with apples dropping around him. He didn’t seem concerned when I photographed him, couldn’t care less really.

Until Milo arrived in my house 13 years ago I hadn’t had a dog before and Milo was not by choice but I took him over. When I got Oskar I had thought about another cat, but Oskar arrived. I always had cats the last two were Smith and Minnie. Smith (below) was a ginger hard case, three legs, no tail. This must be about 1997 taken using my Olympus OM-2 with 100mm lens I would think.


I had a wonderful cat called Biddy in Cardiff. I was a student, she was tiny and never larger than a kitten, a friend found her in a plastic bag in one of the arcades, only a few weeks old. But she could climb; eight of us lived in a three-storey house in Riverside, she would jump out of upstairs windows, then somehow make her way to the pitch of the roof, when I was close to home across the square (often drunk) i’d see her up there and by the time I opened the front door she was waiting there for me!

Between those lots of cats many who seemed to appear in later life and my home seemed to be a quiet place away from kids, warm and always something to eat!

We always had cats when I was living at ‘home’, for a while we had 7, one called Everybody because that’s what my mother shouted when food was ready and she would only come to that name!


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