Wheelie Bin


I found this on Bond Street, Tunstall this morning, an interesting adaptation of a wheelie bin which I am sure is illegal. I thought it was some kids who’d done it, but just as I walked away after having taken these photographs an interesting man came out of his house and moved it, then as I was walking along the backs, I saw him delving through some dumped rubbish looking for things. His adapted wheelie bin had some bits in it.


Taken on a dull chilly day thick white impenetrable clouds and a fine drizzle off an on.


One thought on “Wheelie Bin

  1. may be my wheelie bin met a similar fate! got up one morning to find my rubbish strewn all over my drive way and my wheelie bin no where in sight.

    the local council at the time thought it might have “bin” children.
    now i wonder ! mmmmm?


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