Photographer Sitter


Yesterday I went to The Cultural Sisters studio in Longport with photographer Tony Jones, where he was going to make a portrait of Melanie Stace using a pinhole camera. I asked to document this.

The studio is a wonderful place where the hard and superb work The Cultural Sisters undertake with communities is created.


Tony planned to take the portrait in a wonderfully eerie space in the loft, however there was just not enough light, Mel would have had to sit for around 48 minutes to get the image! He took one large format photograph instead.


So we moved downstairs and the lightmeter showed that she would have to sit for only 3 minutes. The event has a quietness about it.

6 5 4


10 9

I was trying to capture the calm professionalism of Tony at work and in the main used the square format on my camera which felt right for the situation. I know you can crop photographs, but when using a specific compositional format it makes you see differently, looking for images of when they were interacting within a more limited field. Equally important was the setting of the studio, which could easily be a subject for a set of photographs in itself.

Tony also took a few pictures on his Rolleicord.

13 17 18

I thoroughly enjoyed the time and it was lovely meeting up again with Mel and Deborah. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed documenting a situation or event, something I used to do a lot.


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