I’ve been writing this blog since January and adding photographs regularly (it was supposed to be every day!). Something I have noticed is how many I have taken in the ‘field’ I cross when going to and returning from seeing a friend. The image above is best clicked to enlarge and see the intricate patterns.


It isn’t really a field, just a piece of unused ground which a few years ago was cut in half by a new road. It was next to a marl hole (where they used to dig clay), it is not beautiful but has just been left to grow wild, and that to me is its interest. In the winter I was photographing dead undergrowth, exposed to frost. I spring the bright green of leaves, plants, grasses growing through the dead stuff. In summer the amazing flowers and swathes of swaying grasses.



Now, in autumn, the cycle is coming to an end, plants are losing leaves, the intricate shape of stalks and fronds showing through. The mass of undergrowth is in parts still flourishing, in parts dying, creating a wonderful mix of colour. These photographs from yesterday attempt to recreate some of this, the mass of undergrowth sometimes looks like abstract painting, and strange almost unworldly forms are there as they are in their final throws. What amazing forms these wild flowers (which are ‘weeds’) create when left to live to fruition.




The day was windy and cooler, there were some odd angled light as the sun pushed through clouds. I will make this into two blogs as I took around a hundred shots and was pleased enough with about 15 to put them up.





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