I was looking at a couple of photographs yesterday evening from January 1979. The first overlooking San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz on the left.

Scanned at www.exposure22.com

I’ve always quite liked this one, and working on it in Lightroom has meant that I have got what I think I wanted out of it. The orginal, an Ektachrome colour slide, feels too blue, but when I worked on it in black and white I began to get what I was probably looking for at the time.

Scanned at www.exposure22.com

I do remember going to a very fine poetry publisher/bookshop nearby and buying a copy of Malcolm Lowry’s poetry which I stupidly lent to someone and never got back!

Scanned at www.exposure22.com

The second photograph was taken a few days previously  from a train leaving Los Angeles northwards. During my stay I was intrigued by the ‘palm’ trees, with their long trunks and bit on top amongst the pale coloured houses. I have many slides of LA which I just cannot find, but this seemed to sum up much of my experience there. Here I prefer the colour version, but it is an interesting process to work in both on the same image, something in the digital age we can easily do and something beyond me at that time.

Scanned at www.exposure22.com

Both are taken on an OM-1 with standard 50mm lens.


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