Central Park 1978

Scanned at www.exposure22.com

It is a most beautiful sunny autumn day here in Tunstall and I was reminded of a similar day in New York in 1978 when I took this photograph which captures something of the feel. It was chilly but the sun so bright it hurt. The next day about three feet of snow rolled in from Canada! This photograph was taken on an Olympus 35RD on Ektachrome. It was a camera I have always regretted getting rid of, beautiful little rangefinder with f1.7 40mm lens and excellent meter. I have done a little bit of work on the tree trunks in Lightroom, otherwise as shot full frame. It is remarkable how sensitive film is as I found lots of detail in what at first looks like solid black shadow when working with Lightroom, this increases the exposure of that part by 1.5 stops.


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