Today it is raining hard, it’s not cold, but it is dark.


One of the joys of using Pinterest are the pictures which come from other ‘pinners’, I have found so much that is new. One photographer I had hardly seen before is Saul Leiter, his street photographs of New York in the 50’s/60’s, looking out through steamed up windows or the glimpses he shot of people, buses, reflections, signs. He must have carried a camera everywhere and just shot what he saw, and as soon as I saw the images he took I wanted to see more. It was through other people’s ‘pins’ I saw these. Interestingly he was initially wanting to be a painter and the strong influence of colour balance and break up can be seen in his work. His work can be seen in museums and books now, but from what I can see he worked as a magazine photographer until people saw the strength of his work.


So, today when I looked out at the heavy rain running down my window I was reminded of his work and took a few photographs at about 10.30am, trying to capture something of the feel, I also managed to incorporate a homage to Cartier-Bresson! By the way I do not count myself in the same hemisphere of photography as these greats, just ‘nodding’ to them. They are as shot in square and 4×3 format.



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