Mynydd Marian


Today’s photographs go back to late August when I visited Llysfaen in North Wales. It was where we used to go on holiday from the late 1950’s through the 60’s. It is a place I remember with great love. The light always hits me, standing above the sea to the North and the mountains to the South. The underlying stone creates a brightness and lightness, the huge skys and constant sea changes, which made me want to look at these pictures today a dull wet October day.


In these I have concentrated on the wild flowers and plants which are now allowed to grow on what is an area of natural preservation. I featured the views previously, here in the main are the details. When we used to holiday there the hill was known as Telegraph Hill, which is the title of a poem in my collection Gathering Grief available above. Now it is more properly known by its old Welsh name, Mynydd Marian.








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