Prairie 1972

Scanned at

Today’s photograph is one I’ve liked since I took it back in 1972. I loved the prairies in Alberta and this almost more than any of the other photographs I took captured the feel for me. I was 18 and this vastness and openness was so new to me. I’m not sure exactly where this is, somewhere south of Calgary. This is a digitised slide, there was quite a bit of work to do on the sky as the scratches showed up quite badly, luckily Lightroom is good for that, there is no cropping and other than raising the contrast it is as shot on Ektachrome using my Zenith E. The metering is pretty good which was always a problem on those cameras, the meter was above the lens and this shot was a bit paler than I would have wanted at the time, so I under exposed it a bit which brought out more colour.


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