Today’s photographs were taken yesterday.

I went out to take ‘more considered’ images similar to the one in my blog Shadows from a couple of days ago. However, even though we had bright sunshine between the rain storms, the light was at least 2 stops lower, so the intensity of the shadows was hard to replicate. I worked on the contrast in Adobe Lightroom, but the original was not sharply defined enough. I was pleased with the image in Shadows taken on my phone and has to be seen as one of those that are seen and found.


So these have a similar basis but are very different, the shadows less pronounced but the intricate patterns in the peeling birch bark much more prominent, as on the camera I was able to manipulate the f-stop. I also cropped the images, something I don’t usually do. Perhaps not cropping is ‘old school’ but I like to think of the finished image as close to the original conception, what I saw. I also saw another Dripping image, a gate within a larger environment and autumn leaves against the sky.




The long image is a cropped from a 16×9 format image, I also took a panoramic ‘portrait’ image, but the distortion over the close proximity was not to my liking, I’ve never liked the lens getting in the way of the image, most images I’ve taken in the past were at most 28mm wide angle or 150mm telephoto (in 35mm terms), and I mainly took slides which showed the whole image (some of which I have been using on here from digitised images), so whatever I took was decided at the time of taking/capturing rather than in the darkroom. As I’ve said before I am not a trained photographer or consider myself a photographer, I had some basic darkroom training and have taught many people basic b/w photography, but my compositional knowledge comes from an art training and a lifetime working in the arts.










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