Delusions of grandeur



Well, today’s picture is a Photoshop cobble together of what an exhibition of my photographs may look like in a large gallery, perhaps at The Tate Gallery or Tate St.Ives (definitely not Tate Modern which would be best flattened into a car park), so aim high! Delusions of grandeur maybe,  or just a bit of fun made up for a Pinterest page. I am actually putting together plans for an exhibition/book, maybe on not such a grand scale, but will produce something to show what it would look like as a Kickstarter project. Isn’t it wonderful what this digtal world can do! This took me about an hour in total as I am no expert in Photoshop. Need to work on people’s shadows, they are a bit floaty


3 thoughts on “Delusions of grandeur

  1. I think your photos look lovely in this space, even if it is hypothetical! I love the pairing of the black textured works side by side. It creates a very interesting atmosphere when viewed together


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