Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving Day to readers of this blog in the USA and anyone else who celebrates it.

I have spent two Thanksgiving Days in the USA. The first I was working cleaning machinery, and staying with my brothers in Baltimore, his wife was Canadian, so nothing was done for the day, in fact it was an opportunity to get double wages and I worked that day. Which was a pity, because the next time, 25 years later, I was lucky enough to spend the day with an American family, sharing their traditional meal and all that went with it. I noticed how similar it was to the Christmas here in the UK, but without the pressure of present buying and giving! The family I spent it with were spread all over the USA, but made great efforts to get together for the day and it meant a lot to them, I was made especially welcome as a stranger in the country on his own.

It’s an odd one for the British, it is a peoples’ celebration, any religious element not obviously to the fore, a sort of overblown harvest festival for all. How much Christmas for the UK is a religious celebration now is debateable. For me having no belief it is just a pleasant few days in the middle of winter to eat rich food. As things have panned out it has also become a very lonely time. I would think the over emphasis on family for Thanksgiving makes people in a similar situation to mine feel incredibly lonely, there is a ‘blindness’ to people without a family to celebrate with, which I can fully understand.

I am not bitter about it as I know some people are, it is how my life has developed. I enjoy spending the time with friends and on many occasions have taken much of the burden of making Christmas dinner, which I thoroughly enjoy. My close friends having children means I can share a little of the joy they have. But it isn’t an easy time, maybe I could make it easier by organising an event for people in a similar position.

Todays’ photograph is from back in June taken on a walk along Brighton seafront, I was looking for the abstract qualities of the very different textures. Totally inappropriate for today!


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