Tough Stuff

Three photographs, two taken at about 11am today a bright white quiet day, and one from yesterday when the wind was howling.


Yesterday I went out to the bush beside my window and tried to capture something of the high wind by using a longer exposure on the digital camera through using the lowest ASA (ISO for younger readers) I could. I took a few images and this worked out the best. I have not changed anything on it other than taking it down about two stops.


Today I noticed in my so called garden that the weather had brought up some more bits of pottery (the ‘garden’ was made by my landlord from a pile of rubble from the former Meakin’s pot bank). Also in the photo are some bits of kiln furniture, broken saggars and biscuit fired pieces. You may notice that a couple of the broken bits have the pottery name on. I increased the contrast and shadows a little in Lightroom, otherwise as shot. It does look a lot better if you click it to enlarge it.


The final photograph is of the wild strawberry plant which is at last dying off, but there is still an unripe strawberry! Made of tough stuff Tunstall strawberries! I increased the contrast and also lightened the shadows in Lightroom, otherwise as shot.


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