French Landscapes


The three photographs I have today were taken in August 2011 when I visited a friend who has an old farmhouse/studio deep in the countryside in Tarn et Garonne, South West France. They were taken at opposite ends of the day, it was hot in fact very hot, so lovely to get up at around 5am when I took the first image (above) through his kitchen window, looking across the valley as the sun rose. The trees in the foreground are walnuts which is the main crop in that area.

The second image was taken at around midday looking up a valley from the town walls of somewhere I have forgotten the name of! It was a cloudy day but still hot. I was struck by the pastel colours and quality of diffused light.


The third  image was taken at around 9pm when we went to a Fete in the village nearby looking across a valley as the sun was begining to set.


These were taken on a very cheap Vivitar digital camera that seemed more awkward to use than any other I had owned. The light qualities seemed to stretch its ability to capture images which made some of the bleaching out quite interesting, though not what I wanted!


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