Loop Line 2


A couple of days ago my blog was called Loop Line, a set of images from a walk to the health centre. I took a lot of photographs and have gone over the ones I didn’t use and chosen some more, I shot some of the same ones in black and white at the same time and have included one of those. The Loop Line was the railway line which linked all the towns of the Potteries and was removed in the late 1960’s, it is now a walkway, it’s a pity it still isn’t running, it would solve a lot of traffic problems! As there are quite a few I have made them smaller, just click on the image to enlarge.


9december2013xxxxx 9december2013xxx

9december2013xxxxxxxxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxxxxxxxxx

9december2013xxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxxx

9december2013xxxxxxxxx 9december2013xxxxxxxxxx


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