My friend Misha used the term ‘Dismal December Afternoon’ in her blog yesterday, which fits these images perfectly. I was out for a walk yesterday (Sunday) with my dog Oskar, and it was the most remarkably dismal day, I have tried in these images to capture something of the smothering feel of clouds and darkness. We are at the time of year that nature is on hold. These were taken early afternoon, it was mild, damp, spitting with rain and lights were shining brightly; mainly along an old lane leading north out of Tunstall going through rough ground that is basically left to itself. Stupidly I had not taken my camera with me as I was just walking to pick something up from a friend, so these were taken using my phone. The constraints of the lens and compression  have made the images a bit grainy, however I feel they have captured something of the atmosphere. I have made the images a bit sharper and increased the contrast in some cases; some needed to be squared up (I had Oskar pulling my arm!), other than that they are just about as shot. The final shot of the blocked off road has been cropped from a 16×9 as the panoramic image I took just didn’t work out!

To make it easier the shots below are in smaller format but if you click on them they enlarge.

15december20132 15december20134

15december20135 15december20136

15december20138 15december201310

15december20139 15december201311


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