Boxing Day – chilly only just above freezing, foggy, quiet. I took Oskar for a walk to the park nearby, past places I see every day, but changed with the mist and whiteness. I noticed how the damp and cold have made some of the birch bark turn a reddish colour. I took a lot of images (being pulled at by the dog) and a few worked out ok. I took them in this square format and also in black and white. I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted from the one ‘framed’ by the gate handle with the lock, and will go back (minus Oskar) so I can use a much slower speed. The light was low in the fog when these were taken at Midday. I’ve had to straighten a couple of the images due to being pulled, but the colour and framing is as taken with some minor sharpening in Lightroom. Click images to enlarge.

26december20134 26december20138

26december20132 26december20137

26december20136 26december20133


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