Late last December I gave myself the task of writing a blog every day with a photograph. I was extremely pleased with myself when I had reached the 3rd January and was still doing it! I haven’t been able to take a new photograph every day through 2013, however most days I do and write something, even if it is just some ‘blurb’ to go with the image.

The process has broadened for me. I have begun to be quite serious about what I am taking. It has made me think even more as an artist again. I am limited in geographic range due to ‘poverty’ but I feel this actually helps, it makes me look at the minutiae of the surrounding streets and area, and most of the images have been within a mile radius of where I live. I had a few visits to old friends and a day in North Wales. I knew the areas well, so I knew what I wanted to take, which to me is important.

I have been taking photographs for many years, having started at art school in 1970, and had some images digitised from as far back as 1972, working on these has been a feature of my blog. For years most of the photography I did was linked to work, photographing events and projects I had organised, documenting performances and events for others, so concentrating on my own ‘view’ had been put on the back burner. I am beginning to get what I see as acceptable images, finding a ‘voice’ and close to what I am going out for. I often go past places many times before I photograph them, planning what images I want.

I have chosen a series of images for today’s blog from 2013. The ‘best’? I’m not sure that is probably for others to assess, but they are the ones where I think I have created an image which is reasonably close to what I was looking for. Looking back I see that my photographs can be split into three categories.  (please click the thumbnails for full size images)

  • There are those which create an abstract out of the mass of nature, looking closer than maybe ones eye would just walking by.

1023  1013 1016

1009 1017 1001

  • Formal compositions created by the human-made world, especially where nature has impinged on the materials, such as rust, effects of wind and rain.

1007 1018 1019 1003

1022 1021 1020

1014 1008 1006

  • The ‘snap’ of what I see as I wander round, found images, sometimes very personal.

1015 1011 27april20133

1005 1004 1002

In the middle of the year I began to use Pinterest, initially to keep images together associated with a novel I am writing. What it also did was introduce me to many photographers I either didn’t know or had forgotten about, and, for me to gather together images from artists who have had an influence on me from a very early age, such as Ben Nicholson. Pinterest gives me a visual stimulus I go to quite often and I have found things from others’ sites which have engaged me greatly.

In 2014 I am going to continue to evolve the photography and begin a series of images which convey my immediate life/surroundings. I hope that does not sound too pretentious!


One thought on “Lookback

  1. It does sound pretentious – but why the bloody hell not eh! I can’t say that I’ve seen every photo or read every blog you’ve done but those I have, I’ve enjoyed. Am also impressed that you have kept your challenge. xx


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