Month: January 2014

Still LIfe #5

Sill LIfe #5

Still Life #5

Brandt’s footsteps


It isn’t often in Stoke-on-Trent that you can take a photograph in the same place as one of Britain’s finest photographers. In 1937 Bill Brandt took some photographs in the Burslem area of the city. Today I was waiting for a friend in her car and realised that we were parked just a few yards away from where Bill Brandt took the picture below of ‘Burslem’ Church.



To be precise it was actually Longport and Dale Hall Church, St.Paul’s Parish Church, which was knocked down in the early 1970’s and what looks like glorified sheds put in its place. The original gate posts and roadside wall are still there, trees have grown and the very close community has rather scattered now. I didn’t have my camera with me just my phone, so I took the above image in roughly the same place, cars were parked closely so it was hard to get in the exact spot. Then when I worked on it on Lightroom, I converted it to black and white, cropping it and adjusting. I’ll go back and try and get an exact positioning with my camera, but it was nice to walk in the footsteps of greatness!

This link is interesting on Brandt’s working methods

A link about St.Paul’s Church


Scanned at

This was taken in January 1979 from a moving train travelling between San Francisco and Seattle. It is in Northern California, the Pacific Ocean. It was taken with an Olympus OM-1 with the standard 50mm lens. I had to crop the bottom as there was some movement of the train and I gave it about a 2% increase in contrast in Adobe Lightroom. It could easily be Wales or Cornwall or Ireland, but this is the Pacific and I don’t suppose I’ll ever get back there to see it again…