The Moon


Today’s photograph is of the Moon, one of my Father’s from the early 1930’s taken through his telescope. It says on the back ‘Plato – showing Alps and Alpine Valley’. This is a scan of the image, I have no technical information about the camera etc., but the 8″x6″ prints are in remarkable condition. It is 34 years today since he died, he was 72, and among his many interests was astronomy. He was a member of The Royal Astronomical Society, and inthe 1930’s when he lived in Watford for a short time, he used to be driven to meetings in London by Will Hay. I remember how fascinated he was during the Moon landings in the late 60’s, but sadly we didn’t talk much about his interest, but I do remember how he used to tell us the names of stars and planets when out at night. He had a telescope, which sat in a large wooden box and would sometimes be set up in our back garden and I could never see an image! He had various books and maps, and a wonderful globe of the stars. I have found that he wrote some papers for the RAS magazine and discovered something new on the Moon.


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