An oldish photograph today, a reminder of hot sunny days in Normandy on 14th July 1996 (Bastille Day), the print is dated on the back that’s how I know. I remember sitting on the edge of a field eating local crusty bread, rillettes and cheese, and the TGV’s ‘whooshing’ by in the middle distance. This was taken on a Fuji APS camera, where you chose the format you wanted it printing at the time of shooting, the negs were 30mm a bit smaller than 35mm. I remember it was a good camera for holidays, with its smaller size and choice of format. I liked the Panoramic setting which gave like this (uncropped) fairly undistorted image, it’s what I bought the camera for, but it was very limited and after this holiday was hardly used. I think it got stolen when our house got broken into.


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