Yesterday I walked down to take photographs of Audley Street, to begin my (yet another) new project, Streets, photographing houses, buildings and the environment in all the 114 streets/roads within half a mile of my flat (see map below).


I found that Audley Street although on the map does not exist, and as I didn’t have the map on me I thought I would leave it and think of a way of documenting what may be left of its existence. The images today are of the council built ‘wooden’ houses at the far end of the ‘half-mile’, in Corinth Way, built I think in the 1970’s to replace what was very poor quality terracing.

Do I need another project? Not really, but it seemed such a good idea (to me anyway), maybe not particularly in the quality of images from any one particular street, but as a whole which will be around 500 images, which will show the variety of buildings and human intervention from the Victorian terraces; to the council houses of the 30’s-50’s, to the 60’s private estates; the re-housing like above and those in America Street; then the newest builds for older people and the brand new large estate private built from around 2000. The environments are contrasting as are the roads which include short bits of old road and walkways, to the new Tunstall By-pass. The hardest part I think will be trying to bring together High Street which runs all the way through.


So do I really need another project? I am doing the Still Life each week; building up the Flat Life images; continuing to look at the natural and man-made details locally; trying to complete two novels as well as starting two new stories. Of course I do!


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