Roylance Street


In my Streets Project, Roylance Street must be one of the shortest streets. It is at the very edge of the half mile limit from my flat in Tunstall. The houses were demolished many years ago and the street peters out to scrubby grass. All around has been made an open space. What is left is are now empty business premises which looks on their last legs and I am sure within a few years will deteriorate and all will be flattened. The street lights remain and angled off is Audley Street, where nothing exists anymore. I actually found this short street fascinating, the compositional forms made by the old gates and doors, and trees opposite. The street and this building appear on the 1898 map that can be found online, with a row of about 20 houses opposite and the street leading to a claypit.







4 thoughts on “Roylance Street

  1. Tim, thank you for the great photos, my great great grandfather ran The Plough Inn 2 Roylance Street in 1871. I wonder what the buildings that you’ve shown were originally?


    1. I’m not a local history expert, you can get an 1898 OS map of Tunstall up online which I have used, it doesn’t show PH (public house) but then in those days there were many more and less ‘official’. The buildings on the photos are shown on there, but look like industrial buildings even then. On the 1898 map there is a bigger property on the corner with the main road, where the trees are, this would seem a likely place for a pub.


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