Gates of secrecy…


It’s a beautiful spring like day in Tunstall. On my way for yet another blood test I stopped off to take some photographs towards my Streets Project and as an aside found a whole new world of gates to add to the ever growing collection of Tunstall Gates.  they are quite secretive as they are in the ‘backs’ so only you can see them. There are more to come…





3 thoughts on “Gates of secrecy…

  1. Just discovered your site and been looking at with interest. I grew up in Hosking Road, Tunstall and lived there from 1951 to 1972 when I got married. My mum still lived there until her death in 2012 and I took photos of how it was (it was pretty much the same) because nothing stays the same. I hardly recognised some of the places in your photographs as they have changed so much. We used to take a short-cut from Hoskins Road through a dirt path which took you under a railway bridge, across the top of Clanway Street and over the Shoredruck (not sure if that is how you spell it) through some small business firms and onto the High Street from which we had a choice of side streets taking us up to Summerbank School. So many memories so thanks for a trip down memory lane.


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