Coronation Street


My Streets Project has taken me to Coronation Street. No, this is not about the most famous of British soaps, but Coronation Street in Tunstall. However, both share some similarities, the fictional TV street represents a backwater in Salford, one side is a terrace of houses where all of life happens with disarming regularity (there is even a stone clad house in both streets), the other side of the street was originally a factory, now new built houses, but somehow a knicker factory is there as well. Coronation Street in Tunstall has a terrace of houses built in the 1870’s, the other side includes some houses and some small industrial buildings. Behind those used to run the Loop Line of the Knotty (The North Staffs Railway), now a walkway. At one end it opens out now to a footpath leading to new houses built about 10 years ago, this was once the site of a large pottery factory. The main difference is that the TV street has a shop and pub at either end, this has no such glamour! I would think that 99.9% of people in Stoke-on-Trent have no idea of Coronation Street’s existence as I had little idea of it until this project even though for around 20 years I lived only yards away from it on the ‘other side of the tracks’.

Click the images to enlarge.

coronation1   coronation6

coronation2   coronation5

coronation4   coronation3


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