Month: March 2014

Flat Life 23

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America Street



I previously put up two images of America Street in Tunstall, that is what started me off on this project, so I went back a few weeks ago and completed what I had started. America Street is quite a steep hill and is one of the oldest in Tunstall, it is on the 1832 map. Until 20 years ago there were terraced houses on both sides, but those were cleared away and sheltered housing alongside some older ‘new’ housing make up most of the street. On a corner near the top is the Tunstall Workingmen’s Reform Club, one of the few workingmens clubs left in the area which were often central to nightlife of many communities.

As there are so many images please click to enlarge.

america17 america16

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Ancient History 2



In yesterday’s blog Ancient History, I put an old colour photo of this scene. Today’s comes from autumn 1971 and shows the mist in the valley I mentioned, taken probably in the morning before I went off to Leek School of Art. I had my Zenith E by then, so this is sharper, and looking at those images from that time I am quite surprised how good the built in light meter was, much derided by one tutor as it was just above the lens! I would have developed and printed this and it has lasted very well, must have had well mixed fixer! If I remember I turned this into a painting, and somewhere I may even have a photo of that. I was bad about keeping things, so this survives courtesy of my mother and I found a whole pile of my stuff after she’d died in 2005. Glad she did and it perhaps shows that we should keep stuff. This is a scan from a print, the negative long destroyed.