Wilks Street


This is another step in my Streets Project which is illustrating the environments, housing and compositional elements in the 120 streets and roads within half a mile of my flat in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. So far I have taken photographs in 14 streets, so a long way still to go! I treat each street individually, spending quite some time finding images. The photographs aim to show the variety within what looks a sameness, the human intervention, how nature begins to break down that intervention, how time changes all. It is about noticing the ordinary as extraordinary. Often the images are not spectacular but I see this project as a whole made up of many parts, those parts being the photographs and I reckon by the end of this there will be over 1,000 images creating the final project, from probably what will be around 6-7,000 taken. Wilks Street is a dead end street off Machin Street, it ends interestingly in a sort of triangle at the back of what used to be a factory and is now a new build, some houses are quite hidden, set back. A quite odd and probably mainly unknown place. Wilks Street is all terraced housing from probably around the 1870’s.  Click images to enlarge

wilks6  wilks7

wilks1    wilks4

wilks2  wilks8


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