Bank Street



This is Bank Street in Tunstall, the most recent of my Streets Project, photographing all the streets within half a mile of where I live. Like many streets in Tunstall it is split into two distinct areas, and always has been, though those have changed. It is a bank or hill which at the top end joins Hawes Street, and at the bottom end (now closed off) High Street. The top half is made up of terraced houses, often made up of pairs of houses, joined together with each other, as if spec builders added as it developed in the mid/late 1800’s. At the bottom end was a large pottery factory, Meakin’s then later Doulton’s (my back ‘garden’ is made up of waste from Meakin’s). It used to employ more than 1,000 people at one time, many would have lived in the surrounding streets, but closed and were demolished in 1997. On one side was built an estate of houses, most of which seem to have been bought to rent out, they are certainly no bigger than most of the terraces further up the street. The other side is still derelict. At the top end is a small park where a couple of houses or maybe a shop once stood as well as a sheltered flats development. Half way down is a former chapel now a small pottery which I couldn’t photograph properly without a wider angle lens.

Please click to enlarge the images

bank2  bank3

bank4  bank6

bank7  bank10

bank11  bank13

bank12  bank16

bank15  bank14




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