Furlong Road Part 2


Continuing down Furlong Road in my Streets Project. Crossing the road is Tunstall Greenway, this is a footpath created from the former railway line which spurred off the Loop Line (a railway line which formerly joined most of the ‘towns’ of Stoke-on-Trent). This line ran up to a couple of factories and a marl hole, today it makes a pleasant walk through trees and overlooks back yards. Nature has taken over but human intervention is there in the built up embankments, and some bridges. There is also a newish pub with a very old name, The Talisman, I wonder if there was a much older pub on this site?











3 thoughts on “Furlong Road Part 2

    1. Thank you, I’ve taken photos of this wall a few times and it was in a small exhibition recently. I am going to get a 20 x 20 print of it done for an exhibition I have coming up in 2015, though it is one which also seems to work well quite small. I was very lucky with how the light reflected on that day. I have to say how much I like your photographs and am looking forward to your posts, very contrasting landscapes to mine!


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