Month: April 2014

Reginald Mitchell Way part 3



The final look at Reginald Mitchell Way and what lies beside it.

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It is a while since I posted a photo of discarded objects, I’ve been busy with my Streets, Still Life and Flat Life projects, but that doesn’t mean our local backs and streets are clean and tidy. I was walking to the doctors yesterday and saw this totally obliterated TV, well at least I think it was once a TV.


Reginald Mitchell Way part 1


Reginald Mitchell Way is named after the designer of the Spitfire, who was born and brought up in Stoke-on-Trent. He is celebrated on this road by some large concrete depictions of his aircraft, which are beginning to age interestingly. The road is nearly 20 years old, a dual-carriageway which takes traffic travelling north and east  away from the town of Tunstall, and counterwise, feeds commuters onto the A500 which runs like a D off the M6, not unlike the Loop Line did for trains.

No-one lives on this road, though a new estate has been built leading off it, a new community fire station built and some retail units. Its main reason for being is to move traffic quickly. Within the half-mile radius from my flat this is a quite long road. When I started taking photographs I expected to take just a few, it appeared a boring piece of road, it takes only a couple of minutes (if that) to drive it. But walking along I found that (like the railways) the lack of a human living presence has created interesting verges, there are old footpaths which cross it, bits of rubbish thrown from cars. I ended up taking a lot of photographs, I’ve edited those down but still have a lot to capture something of the feel of the road. So I will break the road up into a few postings.

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