I was in the middle of processing a whole pile of images from about six weeks ago for the Streets Project for today’s blog. I have not been feeling well for a few days, so that will wait until tomorrow as I am not concentrating properly. I have noticed that many of my friends on FB have been posting photos of bluebells in the woods, which this year are doing brilliantly because of the mild wet winter. I really ought to get out to some of the woods nearby, probably only a mile away, before they go. However in the corner of my patch of dust and dirt I have my own small woodland in a pot and like the woods the bluebells have done very well. Sometimes just a limited view a detail is as beautiful as the broad expanse. While I was out there I also noticed that the strawberries on the wall are beginning to form well, so looks like a good year. I wonder if my ‘garden’ can become included in my Flat Life Project, I will have to consider that deeply…



2 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. I fgound some bluebell bulbs dumped in an alley in Hanley while I was in Tunstall, I saved them and put them in an old bread tin with Tunstall soil, the travelled to Italy under my driving seat and I then planted them in the garden last year and this year we had one spike of English bluebell, hopefully they’ll multiply.

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  2. They like damp shade. There were wonderful woods full of them when I lived in Mid Wales and they were mixed with wild garlic which knocked your socks off, colours right through from white to deep deep blue.


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