Month: July 2014


The summer is moving on and many Spring wild flowers are coming to an end, and the shapes are more interesting as they dry out. I took these yesterday and they aren’t exactly what I wanted as they are a bit ‘soft’ a combination of the breeze and a poor quality filter, but I quite liked them. I tried a few long exposures and a couple worked out capturing the movement in breeze, and captured the subtle painterly very early morning colour I wanted, but not quite the clarity. I will try a few more another day with a tripod and without the cheap polarising filter, serves me right for being a cheapskate!






Machin Street


Machin Street in Tunstall runs across the heart of the terraces in Tunstall towards the old Loop Line which is now a walkway. Machin Street begins at what used to be called Bath Street close to the Library and after a slow incline drops steeply towards the old railway. It’s a messy mix of all sorts of mainly Victorian terraced houses and packed with parked cars all day. These photographs as part of my Streets Project, where I am photographing all the streets/roads within half a mile of my flat, were taken in February on a chilly day that quickly went from overcast to bright sun and then rain.











Free E-Books!!

Today I have two free books to download for your Kindle or whatever e-reader you use, just the thing to take on holiday and read on the beach or sitting on top of a mountain, or just to read and brighten up your life…


Underpainting is my novel set in the 1990’s about a relationship where one person is searching for the past and the other for the future and features art, mothers, bacon sandwiches, prostitution, secrets and phones.

Underpainting epub versionmobi version


The Report is my novella based loosely on the premise and events in Philip K Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle” and brought forward to a fascist Britain of today.

The Report epub versionmobi version

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I hope some of you may enjoy these books!